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T-LMS Demo

Sign on for a free 30-day trial of the Tawanda LMS by clicking the button below.


Why sign up?

Sign up for a free, no obligation, trial to experience first-hand what the capabilities of the T-LMS are and how we approach the management of your qualifications, training operation and learners.

During the trial you can expect the following:


Yes, we'll give you as much support as you need. Once you've logged on to the Tawanda LMS you can request support from the main menu.


There is no cost to you.

What will happen after I sign on?

When you sign on you will need to supply your email address. We will use this to dispatch an email to you which will contain the registration number and password you must use to log in with.

Attached to the email will be a document that contains information on the Tawanda LMS. It is designed to "walk" you through all the processes of the Tawanda LMS from a student's perspective. If you want to see the LMS Administrator's, Assessor's, Moderator's and eLearning Author's processes please contact us to do an in-person or Skype demonstration.

We recommend that you print the attachment and work through it from start to finish. In addition to giving you valuable insight into the program, it will instruct you how to navigate the program and what to do to get the most of the demonstration.

The "walk through" will instruct you to interact with the program by getting you to take an eLearning course, assessments and surveys. We encourage you to do as instructed, because it is only by interacting with the program that you really get to experience it. From our side we will do our best to respond quickly to the actions you take, such as when you submit an assessment that must be marked by an Assessor.

Email contact

We will, from time to time, send you an email to keep in touch and gauge your progress. If at any time you wish to opt out of the demo please just let us know via email.

Are you ready to experience the T-LMS?